2nd ITS21 conference – Business Academy Aarhus

1 - 2 Jun 2016

Experts in Teams – today, tomorrow, together

The conference was the second of the Its21 conferences under the headline: ‘Today, tomorrow, together – Interdisciplinary Teamwork Skills for the 21st Century’. During the conference, companies presented their view on interdisciplinary teamwork. Among other, the companies represented were Lego, Kaospiloterne and Danske Bank. Around 60 participants from the network partners and other stakeholders. The conference gave a wide range of perspectives on interdisciplinary collaboration skills through short presentations, disruptions and two workshops. The conference created unique learning arenas, where participants got the opportunity to discuss interdisciplinary teamwork skills with companies and institutions.

Read more here: www.baaa.dk/seminar

The conference was followed by a post-seminar with lectures and training of facilitators.

There was also a network meeting with 16 delegates from 8 institutions.

Output from the 2nd Its21 seminar: A chronicle about Experts in Teams – today, tomorrow, together (pdf)