Why Use the experts in teams method

The development of interdisciplinary teamwork skills is often not a part of regular curricula.
Experts in Teams is a well-documented method that offers the opportunity to develop these skills through interdisciplinary courses.

Interdisciplinary collaboration

During their studies, students gain strong academic competences within a specific field such as Marketing, Engineering, Agro Business Management, Psychology etc. Usally, the studies do not contain interdisciplinary collaboration, where students work together with students from other faculties or study programmes. Therefore, the goal of Experts in Teams is to develop the interdisciplinary cooperation skills of the participants by forming teams across educational backgrounds.

Evaluation and follow-up

It is important to evaluate and follow up on the team’s process and results of the innovation process. Usually students find it challenging to participate in interdisciplinary collaboration. Therefore, it is crucial that the team reflects on the team process and learns how the team members´ professional and personal experiences from Experts in Teams can be beneficial in other contexts such as internship, future job or other courses.


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