What is Experts in Teams?

Experts in Teams is a learning method that originates from NTNU in Trondheim.
Over the years, the network partners have developed and implemented the method in collaboration with NTNU.

The method

The starting point for Experts in Teams is the development of interdisciplinary teamwork and cooperation skills. Therefore, the method can be used in different settings. It can be in daily work situations where the solution of tasks requires cooperation between persons with different professional, personal and cultural backgrounds. Studies indicates that work situations that require cooperation with colleagues have increased by more than 50% over the past twenty years. In many companies, employees use more than two thirds of their time to communicate and collaborate with colleagues. Therefore, the Experts in Teams method has a number of learning activities that develops the participants’ ability to collaborate in multidisciplinary teams.

Experience-based learning

The method is based on experience-based learning. where participants collaborate in teams to solve a specific task. An example could be to go through an open innovation process in order to create new solutions to a complex problem. In the teamwork processes, the students reflect on different matters such as the work situation, progress, communication and level of trust. The reflection exercises is a natural part of all learning sessions. This enables students to continuously to build on top of their learning outcome.