How to use the experts in teams method?

The original method from NTNU has been implemented in different variations at some of the partners institutions.

Worth considering

For further inspiration on how to develop and implement Experts in Teams in courses at your educational institution, go to: Implementation

The process behind Experts in Teams is shown in the figure.

The focus of Experts in Teams is interdisciplinary teamwork. Be sure to get as many different skills as possible represented in the individual teams.

The method is based on experience based learning where facilitation is an important element. It is not the facilitators´ role to teach and provide solutions, but to observe and ask open questions to the teams  along the way. The observations and questions should allow the teams to reflect on the team process and find solutions.

It may be advantageous to let the Experts in Teams process be based on challenges from companies and organizations. This creates practicality and motivation among the participants.